Steven V. Wiebler, CPA
Steven V. Wiebler, CPA
Tax Services:
We understand the changing tax laws and regulations and can assist you in evaluating alternatives that will help you make informed decisions consistent with your objectives. We offer a full range of tax services including:
  • Business tax consulting, including multi-state taxation
  • Individual tax services, including mutli-state taxation
  • Tax planning
  • IRS representation
  • State and local tax representation
  • Tax reduction and asset protection strategies- For business owners
Tax Preparation- We prepare approximately 600 business returns each year and several hundred individual returns for business owners, real estate investors, clients listing in multiple states and other tax clients. We also electronically file W-2's and 1099's for clients with over 250 of either as mandated by the IRS from your payroll data.
All individual returns are e-filed at no additional charge to ensure that your returns are received and properly filed. Refunds from e-filed returns are generally deposited within two weeks of acceptance by the IRS and your state(s). We can prepare a return for any state you require.
BusinessTax Planning- Tax planning is critical for business owners. We work with you to:
  • Identify your estimated current tax situation for the year.
  • Analyze opportunities available to reduce your taxes for the year. These include current tax law changes, retirement plan analysis, estimated income tax payments, additional deductions you may have overlooked, alternative minimum tax, tax reduction and asset protection strategies.
  • Analyze your accounting records for the period. Notify you of necessary adjustments to correct your records. A misposting in your accounting records can greatly effect your correct net income!
  • Identify the dollar amount of your tax savings and assist you in implementing any necessary changes.
Strategic Tax Plan - A strategic tax plan analyzes your business structure today and your plans for the future. Every business should incorporate this plan with the business tax plan once every 5 years. Based upon your needs we will analyze the:
  • Entity structure and perform a comparative analysis on tax savings opportunities for various entities.
  • Buy-sell agreements - Types of agreements, funding methods, effect of insurance.
  • Estate planning issues.
  • Asset protection issues and strategies.
  • Succession planning.
Individual Tax Planning- Individuals have options with regards to tax planning and I work with you to maximize the possibilities. We can assist you with:
  • Estimated income taxes for federal and state taxes - Avoid penalties for underestimated taxes.
  • Retirement plan alternatives.
  • Alternative minimum tax analysis.
  • Withholding analysis.
IRS and State Tax Representation - I represent business owners and individuals with the IRS and state agencies. These services include:
  • Audit representation with the IRS, state department of revenue, property tax audits and sales tax audits.
  • Resolution of payroll tax penalties and notices.


On 12/20/17, both the House and Senate passed H.R. 1—commonly referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). 

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